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Convention Calendar

Hey, everybody!

I thought folks might be interested in a rundown of the shows I am currently committed to for 2019. I'll be vending as Jim Likes Games at most of them, and helping out Indie Press Revolution at GTS, Origins, and GenCon.

I've got a perma-link to a calendar on the front page of my web site, and/or you can bookmark it here.

Convention organizers and vendor room coordinators, please let me know if there's a show in the Northeast or Midwest (within a day's travel of NYC) that you'd like me to consider attending! I'm looking for more shows (May is completely open, for example), and am happy to do smaller, growing cons that are in their second year or more. I generally don't do first-year shows, but if I know and trust you, I can make an exception, so feel free to check in.

A couple of important notes: We'd doing what we can to try and get into DragonCon, but it's a touch nut to crack, so it's not on the calendar. If you see the word 'estimated' on the calendar, that's my best guess of the date on a show that hasn't formally announced, based on past timing.

My next how is Betacon in Scranton, PA. It's my first time attending, it looks like a modest regional show where I can hopefully get in a game or two. Stop by and say hi if you're there. Otherwise, see you on the road!

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    Thanks, Dave, I sent them an e-mail asking about vending!

  • Dave Kesler (Slar) on

    U-Con in Michigan in November is a great con for gaming. It could use your niche in the vending area as well. Here’s a link:

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