Introducing Just Played, an RPG recap podcast!

Just Played

Hey, folks-

There's a new project I've been working on that I wanted to share with everyone. It's called Just Played and it's a podcast where I recap games I've played in or GMed.

One of the things customers tell me they like about our convention setup is how much we seem to know about the games we're selling. I wanted to find a way to share some of that play experience with all of you (and maybe a little bit to provide receipts that yes, I DO play that many games).

Each episode clock in at 15-20 minutes and follows a format: I tell you what I played, who played and their characters, a summary of play/plot, a favorite thing another player did, my favorite bit of GM technique, a missed opportunity, and Something I Noticed, which may be something about that game's design, gaming in general, or even just a memory the session brought up. That format has reliably produced 15-20 minute episodes where I can say something (hopefully) useful and/or interesting about that game session without getting lost in the weeds of a blow-by-blow session report.

I'm recording and releasing these episodes via Anchor, but it's now available via all the major podcast platforms including iTunes. Just look for Just Played and me hugging a fuzzy d20. If you're an Anchor user, feel free to drop comments via that app, and of course, please rate and review it wherever you found it if you want to help folks find it.

Look for future episodes to cover a lot of Gauntlet games, and convention sessions at Games on Demand when I can get them in. Thanks for checking out the show!

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