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Hey, everyone-

Along with everyone else in the USA I have been bearing witness to the ongoing uprising against systemic white supremacy and police brutality. My business is on hold, with no revenue coming in due to Covid-related cancellations, so I've been largely off the radar for the last couple of months, and devoting my Twitter feed mostly to Retweeting, amplifying other voices who have far higher stakes in this than I ever will. 

The violence we've been witnessing in America's streets is police violence against peaceful protest. It's those of us who this society is explicitly contructed to uplift and protect getting the tiniest hint of what all marginalized citizens, especially Black Americans and LGBTQ+ folks, face every day (and have for centuries) as a matter of course as the price of living in America.

Some background for anyone unfamiliar: I enjoy literally every privilege available to a human being: Straight, white, cis, able-bodied, neuro-typical male, with access to capital including hereditary wealth and a rigorously segregated high-quality secondary education and a debt-free college degree. I leveraged those advantages to start a business that a lot of folks would never have been able to, and when it got to be unsustainable, I was lucky enough to realize that in advance and had support in closing it without affecting my long-term financial well-being or that of anyone else involved. The gig I've got right now is weird and wonderful and probably only possible for someone served my entirely undeserved cocktail of luck and economic/social privilege.

I hope that by doing what I do I can give independent creators access to markets they wouldn't otherwise reach. I hope that I'm helping customers find joy and encounter artists they might not otherwise hear about. Right now I'm content to wait and see when conventions happen again and what form they'll take and what a new business model that emphasizes safety in the shadow of a pandemic will look like. But it's OK if that takes a while. I'm lucky enough to be in a family situation that means JLG can be on hold for a while without sinking it (that mix of good fortune and privilege prevails even today)

So if you want to place an order, that's great! I'd love to send you some games, and it'll be nice to walk up to the post office.

But please only do so if you've done something else: Donate your time and/or money to non-profits dedicated to social justice and racial equality The article has a couple dozen places to go with guides for where and how they work for progressive change.

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