Staying Alive

Hey, everybody-

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on where I’m at with Jim Likes Games. The first thing to say is that as of this writing, I’m OK, and however long this will take, I’m planning to be back at conventions selling games in whatever capacity is safe and useful to the community of gamers as soon as that’s feasible. Which may be a while.

My business partners at IPR and Goodman Games have been great: helpful, encouraging, and transparent about what’s going on with them. We’ve had products going back and forth, and they’re even sending me modest shipments of new releases so I have some on hand for online fulfillment.

I’m a one-person operation when I’m not at a big show, so I’m still working, and happy to ship anywhere I normally would. I’ll be adding new stock to my inventory and the shopping cart as I receive it. If you’re interested in helping me pay the rent on my storage, placing an order is the best way to help.

You may have noticed I’ve removed the convention calendar. At this point, I’m going to be very surprised indeed if there are any shows this summer, and indeed anything substantial until we have an effective therapy or a vaccine for COVID-19. I’ll make decisions about the safety and utility of attending any shows that do happen between now and then.

A reminder that I’m on Twitter at @jimlikesgames, my YouTube channel has over a hundred actual play videos on it, and my podcast Just Played has dozens of recaps of RPG sessions with my observations about best practices for GMing and play. I’ve even started to dip my toes into adventure design (more on that later).

As always, I play and GM games online quite a bit. I spend a lot of time at The Gauntlet RPG Community and the Story Time RPG Discord (contact me for an invite), both venues for online play of indie and small press RPGs and Story Games. Check them out if you’d like to get in a game with me or any number of other amazing and supportive role-players. As traditional cons announce plans to move online, look for me to offer games in those spaces as well: Origins online in June, the Double Exposure shows, possibly even GenCon. I’ll let you know what’s going on with those shows in this space as soon as I lock anything down.

In the meantime, it’s pretty certain that the regular convention schedule won’t be resuming any time soon, so it’s time for me to stop waiting around for that to happen. Look for more AP videos, more frequent updates, and especially more Just Played episodes. Stay as safe as your circumstances allow, please! I want to see everyone who reads this at a future show. We might have to skip the hug, but I’m really looking forward to the games.


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