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Hi, I'm Jim, the guy in the picture who likes games. Specifically, role-playing and story games, both small press and more traditional big-budget licensed titles. I used to own some brick & mortar stores called Modern Myths, where we sold comics and games to both locals and convention attendees. 

If you've followed me here from Modern Myths, I'm thrilled you've joined me. If you arrived after meeting me at a convention, welcome!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be putting the finishing touches on this effort, with new blog posts at least once a week, updates to the online shop as cool new products become available (and old ones go out of print and are removed) and of course convention reports and a regularly-updated calendar.

You can follow my gaming-related ramblings on Twitter: @jimlikesgames
You can play with me on the online gaming community The Gauntlet
You can check out convention pictures and video on Instagram.
And you can check out actual play videos on my YouTube Channel.

Thanks again, and say hello next time we're at a con together.

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