Bacchanalia Card Game

Bacchanalia Card Game

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Jim Likes Bacchanalia because it's a card-based exploration of sun-drenched hedonism!

Bacchanalia is a narrative game for 3-6 people. Following the rules, each player creates a fictional character – a person accused (justly or not) of a crime against the empire and on the run with her lover. The game starts when the protagonists find themselves passing through Bertinoro, a settlement on the hills of Romagna by the Via Aemilia and close to the Ravenna port.

Unfortunately for them, in that torrid summer, Bacchus and his followers came down to this village surrounded by vineyards. Attracted by the excesses brought forth by intoxication, other gods manifest themselves; cruel Pluto, severe Minerva and the sensuous Venus will play with the destiny of mortals with all the thoughtlessness only gods can have. The player's objective is to reunite with her beloved and run away. Each player in turn draws a hand of cards and, based on the results of the draw, describes a scene from the story for her protagonists. Elements of the scene vary according to which god was more present in the draw. For instance, a scene dominated by Pluto will feature a violent crime in which the protagonist ends up somehow involved. Benevolent Venus reunites lovers. Bacchus brings thrill and excitement, and so on. There is a clear winning condition – reuniting with the beloved and running away before your accuser catches you – but one player reaching it doesn't prevent other players from doing the same; multiple winners are possible.

In the chaos of the bacchanal, will the fugitives be able to reunite with their beloved and get to safety? Or will they meet a harsher end? Will they be caught by their accuser – or will they be lost forever in the rapture of the bacchanal