Delta Green Handler's Guide

Delta Green Handler's Guide

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Jim Likes the Delta Green Handler's Guide because after a wait of several year Delta Green Keepers can finally officially put the whammy on their desperate, doomed special ops monster fighters made possible by the Agent's Handbook.

This massive, full-color volume is filled with deep resources just for the Delta Green game master. 

THE PAST: details on the world and history of Delta Green. 
THE UNNATURAL: details on the Cthulhu Mythos, from monsters to hypergeometry to the Great Old Ones, including rules for creating new threats. 
THE SCHISM: deep details on the Delta Green organization itself -- or rather, two different Delta Green groups, not always working to the same ends. 
THE OPERA: guidelines for creating scenarios, running campaigns, and customizing the setting. 
APPENDICES: a ready-to-play scenario, "The Sentinels of Twilight," a Handler-facing glossary, index, recommended media, sample NPCs to use in any game, rules variants, and more. 

Further terrors can be found in the companion volume, the silver Ennie Award-winning AGENT'S HANDBOOK, and in the free quickstart rules, the gold Ennie Award-winning NEED TO KNOW.