Dictionary of MU

Dictionary of MU

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Jim Likes The Dictionary of MU because it's an index of weird and wondrous high-fantasy flavor suitable for any OSR-style game.

 The Dictionary of Mu is a pulp fantasy setting supplement for Ron Edwards' Sorcerer RPG where demons are dead things, bits of history made wrong. Players will decide the fate of the planet through play, adding to the dictionary as they go and creating a deeper and richer history with every demonic summoning.

"Calling Dictionary of Mu a Sorcerer supplement is like calling the Sistine Chapel a Bible supplement." - Fred Hicks, author of Spirit of the Century, Don't Rest Your Head and the Dresden Files RPG from Evil Hat Games

"Dictionary of Mu is the most gorgeous gaming book I've ever seen. Art by Jenn Rodgers and layout by Luke Crane, you say? Why yes, that may have something to do with it." - Nathan Paoletta, author of Timestream and Carry: a game about war

"Trust me when I say this. Your game shelf is barren without this game. Lacking. Empty. But take care: this book will beat the holy hell out of your other books if you leave it alone too long." - John Wick

"Judd Karlman's The Dictionary of Mu is an innovative and grisly Sorcerer setting..." - Ken Hite, Out of the Box

"Every so often a product comes along so full of imagination that the reader feels inspired. The reader leaves the product wanting to play it immediately, the ideas wind up in other games, and the reader can't stop talking about the product to others. Dictionary of Mu is such a product." - C.W. Richeson, RPG.net Reviewer

"Dictionary of Mu marked the final degeneration from 'trend' to 'affectation' and finally, 'masturbation.'" - Malcolm Sheppard

"The best thing I can say about Karlman's work is this: I have not played Sorceror, but because of Dictionary of Mu I now want to. The setting is so incredible and the concepts so compelling I can't wait to bring it to life at the gaming table, either using the game it was written for or adapting it to any of a dozen other RPGs and story games." - Michael Erb