Making History: 3 One-Session RPGs

Making History: 3 One-Session RPGs

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Jim Likes Making History because it answers the question of what a Viking Homecoming, a medieval indigenous murder mystery, and a 21st Century US Navy ghost ship have in common:

Making History is a collection of three one-session tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs). Each can be played with one game master (GM) and up to six players. Each game includes:

  • A single adventure. These are self-contained, standalone stories grounded in the real world.
  • Six pregenerated characters. They fit together in interesting ways that drive the action without restricting player choice.
  • A simple rules set designed specifically for that game. The rules are easy to learn and focus play on the meat of the story.

Each game takes only an hour or two to prepare. All the GM has to do is read the adventure and print out the character sheets and handouts!