Masks Villainy Deck

Masks Villainy Deck

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Jim likes The Masks Deck of Villainy because he love hoe easy it makes it to run a fight with multiple foes without flipping around his dog-eared copy of Masks. 

The Deck of Villainy has 54 villains ready to go, each with full-color art by Michael Lee Lunsford, layout by Daniel Solis, and text by Brendan Conway, along with a tuckbox by Sarah Richardson.

Each card comes with the villain’s portrait, drive, description, and list of their abilities. It also includes a set of moves and conditions to use during play. Each villain has everything you need to quickly and easily bring a new nemesis into your game of Masks.

Also included is a summary card with the rules for creating your own villains, so you can quickly and easily generate your own addition to this rogue’s gallery on the fly.