Microscope Explorer RPG

Microscope Explorer RPG

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Jim likes Microscope Explorer because it builds on and blows up the brilliant timeline-construction story game by Ben Robbins. It's also one of the few things in life that somehow manages to improve something that was already basically perfect.

Whole new ways to play Microscope, the fractal role-playing game of epic histories! Microscope Explorer is loaded with tools and strategies to get the most out of your games. 

Need an idea for your history? More than a dozen step-by-step SEEDS can get you playing quickly, or use an ORACLE to randomly generate one of over forty-thousand possible histories to spark your imagination. 

Want to try something different? Play one of three new Microscope spin-off games. Explore family history with UNION. Tell the story of a single city or a sword of power with CHRONICLE. Or travel back in time and re-write history with ECHO. 

There’s much, much more, like tips for improving play, techniques for collaborative WORLD-BUILDING, and experimental variants like reincarnation histories. Lots of new stuff for you to try out!  

(Requires the Microscope role-playing game.)