Monsters and Other Childish Things (Pocket Edition)

Monsters and Other Childish Things (Pocket Edition)

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Jim likes Monsters and Other Childish Things because he was always sure there was more to his 'imaginary friend' than just his imagination.

“Monsters and Other Childish Things” is a distressingly fun and funny roleplaying game about kids and the relationship-devouring horrors from beyond time and space who love them. Players take the roles of kids and the vicious monsters who are their best friends in all the world -- and the source of all kinds of otherworldly trouble.

Players take the roles of ordinary kids whose best friends are slavering monstrosities from beyond time and space -- and that’s already enough to get them in all kinds of trouble with parents, school principals, friends, the Monster Investigation Bureau, mad science teachers, wannabe wizards, you name it. Can you make it through a school day without having to explain why your monster ate the substitute teacher? We’ll soon find out.

“Monsters and Other Childish Things” features...

  • Complete rules based on the One-Roll Engine, tailored for fast, frenzied monster action and all the trouble that kids with monster friends must face.
  • Two chapters for new gamers by Greg Stolze, “How to Play Roleplaying Games” and “How to Run Roleplaying Games.”
  • Tons of pre-generated monsters and kids, plus quick character creation, more detailed rules for creating custom monsters, and “Instant Monsters” where you can make up a new monster with a roll of the dice.
  • A complete adventure to kick things off.