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Polaris RPG

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Jim likes Polaris because it's a poetic Armageddon fairy tale, and there aren't nearly enough of those.

Polaris: Chivalric Tragedy at Utmost North is a game for three to five players set during the final years of the Northernmost People, just before the remnants of their civilization were swallowed up by their own Mistake.

The protagonists of the story are Knights of the Order of the Stars, beholden by ancient oaths to serve the stars and protect their people. The antagonists facing the knights are multitudinous -- demons from the mistake, doubters from the people, and even betrayers within the brotherhood of Knights.

Polaris uses a set of simple and easy-to-learn mechanics to help guide your game's storyline to an appropriate tragic ending. Each player at the table guides the protagonist in a different capacity, and the central points of the story are further shaped by the twelve Key Phrases.

This is no longer a history; this is not yet a story. This is all that remains. Whatever else is what you make of it.