The Dig

The Dig

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Jim likes The Dig because he's interested in Dwarf Fortress, but terrible at the PC game. Role-playing it at the tabletop is way better.

In The Dig: A Roleplaying Game, Dwarves band together to reshape the underworld. Players tell grand stories of subterranean adventure and craft in a light, GM-less, storytelling RPG set in the Homes, the vast and sprawling dwarven civilization featured in the novel HOMES. 


•Spin tales of lighthearted adventure in the underworld 
•GM-less storytelling puts every player in the narrative 
•Simply designed action mechanic includes players of all experience levels 
•Character design centered on storytelling, not crunch 
•Randomly generated, zero-to-no prep options 
•Plenty of house rules to customize the game to your tastes 
•Set in a complete world brought to life with original art by Jacob Hunt