The Dungeon Zone

The Dungeon Zone

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Jim likes The Dungeon Zone because it's a game within a game (maybe within another game). And because it clearly draw inspiration directly from his childhood.

From designer Ewan Cluney (designer of Magical Fury and Schoolgirl RPG):

"The Dungeon Zone is a game where you role-play a group of gamers as they sit down to play D&D (or a non-trademarked equivalent dungeon fantasy RPG). It’s very weird and meta, and I (designer of Magical Fury and Schoolgirl RPG) ended up devising a shorthand of “Layers” to make it easier to distinguish who you’re talking about, whether it’s the actual people playing The Dungeon Zone (Layer Zero), your fictional gaming group (Layer One), or the adventurers in a fantasy world (Layer Two). It’s kind of a silly pastiche of D&D play, and a tongue-in-cheek celebration of what makes D&D a fun game, in the vein of works like The Gamers and Knights of the Dinner Table.

The game runs on a relatively simple Powered by the Apocalypse variant, and condenses a lot of the stuff that contemporary D&D expresses through rather baroque means down to a few numbers, moves, and flavor text. It’s been a really interesting exercise to try to look at D&D play as it happens at the game table and create moves and such to encode that into game mechanics. That resulted in a game where the four stats are Clever, Loud, Lucky, and Numbers. If the DM calls for a perception check, you use the Just Roll move with your Lucky stat (which represents how well your L1 Gamer character tends to roll), and if you don’t like the result you have the option to use the Argue move, which is based on your Loud stat."