The Move Deck for World Wide Wrestling RPG

The Move Deck for World Wide Wrestling RPG

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Jim likes The Move Deck because he LOVES the World Wide Wrestling RPG, but not so much having to keep 20 Playbooks out on the table for character advancement:

This supplement for the World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game contains individual cards containing every Role and Gimmick Move that have been officially released for the game through August of 2016.

Easily track what you can do in the ring, randomize custom move-sets or simply have them on hand as a resource for your roster to browse new Moves to take as their wrestlers advance! The Role Cards, in particular, are very useful for moment-to-moment play.

The Move Deck was originally produced for the International Incident Kickstarter. This 116-card deck comes in a sturdy printed cardboad tuckbox.

The Move Deck contains 116 premium poker-sized cards, including:

  • 1 Cover/Credits
  • 10 Doublesided Basic Role Moves (Babyface/Heel)
  • 4 Doublesided Lucha Libre Role Moves (Tecnico/Rudo)
  • 4 Doublesided Advanced Role Moves (Celebrity/Icon and Legend/Part-Timer)
  • 97 Move Cards covering all 26 Gimmicks publishing in World Wide Wrestling, International Incident, Season One and Season Two. They feature the Gimmick Art on one side and the Move description on the other, and contain every Move that's possible to take as an Advance for your wrestling character.

This is a supplement for the World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game and requires that game to use.