The Veil Cascade

The Veil Cascade

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Cascade is a supplement meant exclusively for The Veil, which means you will need a copy of it in order to make full use of this text.

In this world, technology continued to grow in leaps and bounds. Neurochips were just the beginning, allowing for every human to bridge the gap between the digital world and physical one. This new hybrid reality gave birth to a wave of technological advancement. But that’s all in the past now.

In Cascade, this shift is systematic. Governments and law enforcement possess tech to decant anyone’s digitized mind into the Neurochips of Slacks—empty bodies devoid of consciousness.

Eventually, and entirely too late, it was discovered that this process had one major flaw: the people decanted from out-of-date Neurochips were all missing some of their memories. You are one of these people.

A Glitch.

  • A futuristic setting with 7 quick adventure-starters baked into it, one of which is directly inspired by the iconic cyberpunk novel: Altered Carbon.  
  • More character archetypes and their playbooks!  
  • "Plugins" for archetypes that modify characters in new and interesting ways and allow for more character growth and expansion.
  • Construct fiction with a strong baseline while increasing your knowledge of cyberpunk more than ever before! A genre deconstruction of both cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk, written by Clare Wall, a PhD candidate writing on contemporary Posthumanism.  
  • An all new reward/improvement system focused on emergent play. 
  • A new mechanic to unravel emergent mysteries the players themselves come up with for their characters.  
  • Even more stunning art by fan favorite artist Alessandro Rossi
  • An expanded chapter on building your own setting, with multiple methods to choose from to best suit the play style of you and your group.
  • Short-term play mechanics and set-up for one-to-two-session play.
  • And more!