Witch Fated Souls RPG

Witch Fated Souls RPG

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Jim likes Witch Fated Souls because it's the work of a single talented woman, who's managed to produce an epic modern horror RPG.

WITCH: Fated Souls is a modern, dark fantasy role play game where you play a member of the Fated – someone who has sold their soul to a demon for power.

The WITCH: Fated Souls core rulebook includes:

  • Mechanics that support the story of the game.
  • A story driven by the choices you make and how you interact with your demon.
  • A unique magical customisation mechanic that helps you to alter your magic to fit your character.
  • An exciting potion crafting system that allows you to mix hundreds of items for fantastic results.
  • A beautiful, mysterious, and magical world to explore.
  • A chapter outlining different types of demons, creatures, and foes you will encounter on your journey.